2013 Pasadena: ARLIS/NA Canada Annual Business Meeting/ Réunion d'affaires annuelle


Saturday April 27, 2013 / Samedi 27 avril, 2013
12:15pm ‐ 1:15pm / 12h15‐13h15
Pasadena, California, USA
Location: Conference Center 212/214. 

Present: Farah Chung (University of Toronto/OCAD University), Adrienne Connelly (Alberta College of Art + Design), Philip Dombowski (The National Gallery of Canada), Nancy Duff (Carleton University), Jennifer Garland (McGill University), Gisele Guay (UQAM), Vanessa Kam (UBC), Nicole Lovenjak (Western University), Karen McKenzie (AGO), Effie Patelos (University of Toronto), Daniel Payne (OCAD University), Suzanne Rackover (The Banff Centre), Sylvia Roberts (Simon Fraser University), Tad Suzuki (University of Victoria), Liv Valmestad (University of Manitoba).


1.  Welcome / Mot de bienvenue

Daniel Payne, chair, called the meeting to order at 12:20 pm PST. He welcomed the attendees. 

2. Preamble / Préambule

Karen McKenzie from the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) stated that there will be an announcement later in May on ARLIS-L regarding changes at the library at the AGO.   The Library will no longer be open to the public. Graduate students studying at institutions with an established, research-affiliate relationship with the AGO, and independent scholars, will be the only persons allowed to use the library and by appointment only.  No undergraduates will be allowed to use the Library. The Library’s acquisitions budget was cut by 50%.  Karen is retiring from her position as Acquisitions Librarian in May 2013.  Her position will not be replaced. Karen mentioned that these changes are part of a realignment/repositioning of the museum's priorities. Participants at the meeting also mentioned that the National Gallery of Art laid off six out of fourteen library employees.  Daniel mentioned that in times like these it is critical for administrators at museum libraries to know that librarians provide intellectual access to the museum’s research materials. He also mentioned that the ARLIS/NA Executive Board has noticed a trend in these detrimental changes to museum libraries and is looking for ways to respond through the Public Policy Committee, including the possibility of creating a template for letters of concern/protest. 

3.  Introductions / Présentation

Meeting attendees introduced themselves and provided brief summations of important developments at their institutions. 

 4. Approval of Agenda / Adoption de lordre du jour

Nancy Duff moved to approve the agenda.  Philip Dombowski seconded the motion.  The agenda was approved.

5.  Approval of Minutes: 40th Annual ARLIS/NA Conference Toronto (Friday 30 March 2012 6:15pm ‐ 7:15pm) / Approbation du procès‐verbal: 40e ARLIS / NA Conférence annuelle de Toronto (Vendredi le 30 Mars 2012 18h15‐19h15)

The minutes have typos in the names of participants as well as some of the French terms.  Jennifer Garland volunteered to review the minutes and make corrections as necessary.  Suzanne moved to approve the minutes with revisions as stated.  Liv seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved with revisions. 

6. Remarks from the Canadian Member‐at‐Large / Allocution prononcée par le Canadian Member‐at‐Large.

Daniel stated that he looks forward to working with us and urges us to keep lines of communication wide open.  He is dedicated to supporting librarianship across Canada.  He will aim to be responsive and proactive in treating any concerns, and will share such concerns with the ARLIS/NA Executive Board.

7.  2013 ARLIS/NA Canada Executive Committee / Le comité exécutif d’ARLIS /NA Canada 2013.

Daniel mentioned that the ARLIS Canada Executive Committee members have not been updated on the ARLIS Canada website since 2010.  As per the ARLIS Canada bylaws, he contacted individuals asking them to stand in the following positions, and all assented:

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Vanessa Kam, UBC
  • Northwest Region: Cheryl Siegal, Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Prairie Region: Donna Bowman, University of Regina
  • Ontario Region: Victoria Sigurdson, OCAD University
  • Montreal/Ottawa/Quebec Regions: Élise Lassonde, Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec
  • Maritimes Region: Rebecca Young, NSCAD University

Nancy moved that we approve the 2013 ARLIS Canada Executive Committee slate as described.  Jennifer seconded the motion.  The Executive Committee slate was approved. 

8. 2013 Melva J. Dwyer Award Report / Rapport sur le prix Melva J. Dwyer 2013

Daniel, as chair of Melva J. Dwyer Award committee, reported that the winner would be announced at the conference convocation ceremony tomorrow evening.  The following members served on the jury along with Daniel: Adrienne Connelly, Élise Lassonde, and Linda Morita.  Fifteen titles were nominated for the award.  The award was conceived to honor reference resources, yet the definition of reference resources is somewhat vague.  There was some discussion as to whether or not it should continue to include reference resources only, or if other types of resources should also be eligible.  The importance of design and layout of the resources was discussed, as well as procedures for evaluating these elements (checklists).  Some expressed concerns about nominations coming directly from publishers.  Daniel recommended that a working group form to review the Terms of Reference for the award, keeping in mind its history.  Liv, Vanessa and Daniel volunteered to be on the working group. 

9.  History of Art Libraries in Canada 2: future directions? / L’Histoire des bibliothèques d'art au Canada 2: directions future?

Jo Beglo, the creator of the first History of Art Libraries in Canada contacted Daniel as to whether or not we would be interested in doing 2.0.  This was also discussed at the ARLIS MOQ meeting last fall.  Daniel will contact Jo in approximately two weeks to see if she is willing to work on this project and will report back to us.  There was some discussion as to what format the History of Art Libraries in Canada 2 should take.  The options discussed included an e-book, something posted to the ARLIS/NA website, and an ARLIS/NA Occasional Publication.  It was recommended that a working group be created to address these questions.  Effie volunteered.

10.  Recent Trends in Art Librarianship in Canada: crafting effective institutional responses / Tendances récentes de la bibliothéconomie d'art au Canada: la création d'efficaces réponses institutionnelles

The importance of keeping in dialogue with our peers about our work climates was mentioned.  The question as to whether or not we could contact people directly who are being impacted by budget cuts was raised, and it was felt that in so doing, codes of conduct for libraries and archives needed to be honored.  It was stated that it is critical for us to articulate cohesive arguments as to why cuts to staffing and budgets are detrimental.

11. Other Business / Autres questions

The group discussed whether communicating with each other through the CARLIS listserv is the best means of communication.  Some have had problems subscribing to the listserv.  The ARLIS Canada website and listserv are being hosted at the Banff Centre.  The listserv and website utilize two separate types of software. Suzanne stated that she would be willing to continue hosting both, but expressed concerns that they are not fully supported by Banff IT staff. Daniel stated that the ARLIS Executive Board is looking at creating a new organizational website.  The Executive Board discussed the possibility of including chapter websites in the broader ARLIS website. There would be advantages and disadvantages to such inclusion.  As an interim strategy, it was decided that we should communicate with each other using ARLIS-L, and that non-Canadian members would also benefit from hearing about developments in Canadian libraries. 

Reports from regions were not presented, due to a lack of time.  Authors of the regional reports were asked to submit their reports via email to Secretary/Treasurer Vanessa Kam at Vanessa.kam@ubc.ca.  

 A motion to adjourn the meeting was presented by Nancy and seconded by Effie.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m. (PST).