2012 Toronto: ARLIS/NA Canada Annual Business Meeting/ Réunion d'affaires annuelle


Toronto, ON, March 30, 2012, 6:15 p.m.
Location: Windsor West, Sheraton Centre

Present:  Marilyn Nasserden (University of Calgary), Jonathan Franklin (National Gallery of Canada), James Rout (Emily Carr University of Art + Design), Victoria Sigurdson (OCAD), Sylvia Roberts (Simon Fraser University ), Jennifer Garland (McGill University), Liv Valmestad (University of Manitoba), Tanja Harrison (NSCAD U), Suzanne Rackover (The Banff Centre), Vanessa Kam (UBC), Kathleen O’Reilly (National Gallery of Canada), Cyndie Campbell (National Gallery of Canada), Marilyn Berger (McGill University – Retired), Mary Kandiuk (York University), Lynda Barnett (CBC – Retired), Linda Morita (McMichael Canadian Art Collection), Randall Speller (AGO – Retired), Daniel Payne (OCAD U), Charles Reeve (OCAD U), Mary Lochhead (University of Manitoba), Hillary Webb (NSCAD U), Elinor Crosby (Dalhousie University)

  1.  Welcome and introductions / Mot de bienvenue et présentations : Chair James Rout called the meeting to order at 6:22 pm EST. The Chair welcomed attendees and everyone around the room introduced themselves.
  2. Adoption of the agenda / Adoption de l’ordre du jour : On a motion made by Vanessa Kam, the agenda for the 2012 meeting was adopted.
  3. Approval of minutes of ARLIS/NA Canada members’ meeting Minneapolis, MN / Approbation du procès-verbal de la réunion d’ARLIS/NA Canada en Minneapolis MN : Vanessa Kam was added to the members present at the MN meeting.  On a motion made by Daniel Payne, the minutes from the 2011 meeting in Minneapolis were approved. 
  4. Business arising from the minutes / Suites au procès-verbal There was no business arising from the minutes.
  5. Report from the Chair / Compte rendu du president
    James Rout presented his report citing a busy year.  There was a lot of work on the website.  As the Executive Board Liaison to the ARLIS/NA Public Policy Committee, much attention was given to drafting revisions to that Committee’s guidelines.  The exciting work of the Communications and Publications Committee was highlighted by James Rout and by Jonathan Franklin, who served as Chair in 2011, detailing the publishing transformation of Art Documentation.
  6.  Local chapter reports / Rapports des sections locales : The 2011 ARLIS/NA Montreal / Ottawa / Quebec (MOQ) Chapter Annual Report was submitted by John Latour and presented by Jennifer Garland.  The report is appended to these minutes.  Victoria Sigurdson summarized the ARLIS/NA Ontario Chapter activities over the past year. The Chapter’s 2011 Annual Report is appended to these minutes.   Due to a scheduling conflict, the Northwest Chapter Chair’s report was unavailable at this time.  Members of the Chapter who were present agreed that all is going well.  The NW Chapter 2011 Annual Report is appended to these minutes.
  7. Regional representative reports / Rapports régionaux des représentants : Atlantic Region representative Tanja Harrison and Prairie Region representative Liv Valmestad gave brief reports from their regions.  Both areas have been working on increasing membership and were delighted that there were several members represented at the Toronto conference.  Liv Valmestad noted her recently published article in Art Documentation and acknowledged and thanked all those working with the Communications and Publications Committee to move our Association’s periodical on to the JSTOR platform.
  8. Upcoming conferences / Conférences prochaines
    Chair James Rout reported that the upcoming ARLIS/NA conferences will be held in Pasadena, CA in 2013 and Washington, DC in 2014. 
  9. Melva J. Dwyer Award / Prix Melva J. Dwyer : Twelve impressive nominations were received for this year’s Melva J. Dwyer Award.  The winner will be announced at tomorrow’s convocation ceremony.  Chair James Rout thanked the other members of the jury: Vanessa Kam, Daniel Payne, and John Latour. [postscript: The 2012 Melva J. Dwyer Award goes to Francois-Marc Gagnon, Nancy Senior, and Real Ouellet for The Codex Canadiensis published by McGill-Queen’s University Press (2011). 
  10. ARLIS/NA Canada Web Site Report / Rapport du site d'ARLIS/NA Canada : James Rout reported that the web hosting provider has improved.  Suzanne Rackover, the administrator of the listserv, summarized some of the technical difficulties of managing the listserv. 
  11. Other business / Sujets divers : Liv Valmestead thanked the Toronto and Western NY Chapters for organizing and hosting such a wonderful conference.  There was a round of applause from members.  James Rout said good-bye as outgoing Canadian Representative of ARLIS/NA and thanked everyone for their assistance over the past two years.  Daniel Payne was welcomed in as new Chair.  As part of his position, Daniel expressed that one of his goals will be to work on opening the lines of communication across the country among the ARLIS/NA Canada chapter members.
  12. Adjournment / Levée de la séance : On a motion from Vanessa Kam the meeting adjourned at 6:48 pm EST. 

Appendix: Chapter Annual Reports

ANNUAL REPORT 2011: ARLIS/NA MOQ (Montréal/Ottawa/Québec)

  • Submitted by John Latour, President 2011
  • Presented by Jennifer Garland, Vice President 2012

Executive Committee 

  • President: John Latour, Artexte (Montréal)
  • Vice-President: Vacant
  • Secretary: Marie-Chantal L’Ecuyer-Coelho, BAnQ (Montréal)
  • Treasurer: Raymonde Champagne, Université de Montréal (Montréal)
  • Membership Secretary: Alexandra Gregory, University of Ottawa (Ottawa)
  • Past President: Brian Mekis, Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montréal)
  • ARLIS/NA Canada Representative: Brian Mekis, Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montréal)

A committee was set up in 2010 to come up with ways to rejuvenate or replace the chapter’s website, which had been kindly hosted by Concordia University for several years. In 2011, the committee created a new website (www.arlismoq.ca) which will officially replace the one hosted by Concordia in 2012. Members of the website committee include Renata Guttman, Élise Lassonde, John Latour and Corina MacDonald.

The Professional Development Committee (Melinda Reinhart, Danielle Léger and Patricia Black) presented two awards in 2011. Philip Dombowsky, Library and Archives of the National Gallery of Canada, was awarded the Michelle Gauthier Travel Award (C$ 1,000.00) to attend the VRA + ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Minneapolis in March, and Marie-Chantal L’Ecuyer-Coelho, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec was awarded the Daphne Dufresne Membership award.

Membership & Activities

At the end of 2011 our membership numbered 49 (including 12 student members), which is up from the 37 members we had in 2010.

Invitations to participate in the 2011 bi-annual meetings were sent out to chapter members and to students enrolled in the Library school programs of McGill University and the Université de Montréal. To encourage student attendance, and in keeping with a practice begun in previous years, students were not charged registration fees for their participation to these meetings.

In 2011, the President and Membership Secretary worked on an informal membership drive. By comparing the current membership list with lists from previous years, a number of former members were identified and then invited to rejoin the chapter. As a result, several individuals renewed their membership. The ARLIS/NA MOQ Chapter's activities consisted of two meetings: one held in Montréal, and the other in Québec City.

The spring meeting took place on Friday, April 15 at DHC, a contemporary art centre in Old Montréal. The chapter’s business meeting was held in the morning, which was followed by a tour of the Ceal Floyer exhibition by John Zepetelli, Curator of DHC. After lunch at the nearby Pointe-à-Callière Museum, the 29 attendees divided into two groups in order to accommodate the two venues that provided alternating, afternoon tours. Éric Major, Archivist of the Pointe-à-Callière Museum lead professional visits of the archaeology museum’s Documentation Centre and Archives while Michel Desjardins, one of the founders of the Petit Musée de l’Impression, gave tours of this museum dedicated the province’s printing history.

The fall meeting took place on November 18 at Laval University in Québec City. The morning business meeting included 16 attendees as well as an invited speaker, Mme Jo-Anne Bélair of Laval University. Mme Bélair updated those present on recent innovations to the Répertoire de vedettes-matière (RVM) resource. After the meeting, we were given an extensive tour of the recently renovated fourth floor of the Bibliothèque des sciences humaines et sociales. Following lunch at a nearby restaurant, we travelled to the Centre de conservation du Québec, where we enjoyed tours of several of the CCQ’s conservation workshops.


Two issues of the chapter’s newsletter MOQDOC were published to coincide with the bi-annual meetings: vol. 20, no. 2 (spring 2011) and vol. 21, no. 1 (fall 2011). The issues were thematic in nature, and highlighted the importance of “collaboration” and “participation” by those within the Library and Information community. Print copies of these numbers were handed out during the business meetings, and digital copies were subsequently posted on the chapter’s website. The next issue will be organized by (and showcase the activities of) student members; although the editorial board (consisting of Philip Dombowsky, Jennifer Garland, Alexandra Gregory, and John Latour) will serve as advisors. The chapter continues to maintain an electronic mailing list, which is moderated by Renata Guttman.

Finances and awards  

The chapter’s finances are in good condition, although its balance has dropped from C$ 7,201.12 (in 2010) to C$ 5,721.31. Expenses related to the printing of MOQDOC and the new website account for this change. Originally, the 2011 balance was identified as C$ 6, 273.40, although this figure had to be adjusted as the chapter was overpaid by one of its member institutions (this amount was promptly returned to the institution).

The following awards will be offered by ARLIS/NA MOQ in 2012:

  • the Daphne Dufresne Membership award (equivalent to US$ 120.00) to promote professional development by supporting membership in the national organization (ARLIS/NA);
  • the Marilyn Berger Student Membership award (equivalent to US$ 50.00) to promote professional development by supporting membership;
  • two Michelle Gauthier travel awards (C$ 1,000.00 each) to promote professional development by supporting travel to the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference to be held in Toronto.

Normally, the chapter offers only one Michelle Gauthier travel award annually, but an exception will be made in 2012, as the annual conference will take place in Canada. ARLIS/NA MOQ has contributed $200.00 towards the welcoming party of this conference.

ARLIS/NA MOQ also provides “travel-to-meeting” bursaries (up to C$ 70.00) to members who must travel out-of-town to attend a chapter meeting (and who could not receive institutional funding). In 2011, four bursaries were issued. This fund is managed by the chapter’s Treasurer. A maximum of six “travel-to-meeting” bursaries (up to C$70.00) will also be available to members in 2012, on a “first come first serve” basis.

Executive 2012  

  • President: Élise Lassonde, BAnQ (Montréal)
  • Vice-President: Jennifer Garland, McGill University (Montréal)
  • Secretary: Marie-Chantal L’Ecuyer-Coelho, BAnQ (Montréal)
  • Treasurer: Raymonde Champagne, Université de Montréal (Montréal)
  • Membership Secretary: Alexandra Gregory, University of Ottawa (Ottawa)
  • Past President: John Latour, Artexte (Montréal)
  • ARLIS/NA Canada Representative: John Latour, Artexte (Montréal)



  • Submitted and presented by: Victoria Sigurdson OCAD University

Chapter Officers (2011)

  • Chair: Victoria Sigurdson
  • Vice Chair: vacant
  • Treasurer: Heather Saunders
  • Secretary: Randall Speller
  • Past Chair: Tammy Moorse
  • Student Representative: Effie Patelos and Katya Pereyasalavska

Chapter Officers (2012)

  • Chair: vacant
  • Vice Chair: Melissa Bruno (University of Toronto iSchool)
  • Treasurer: Heather Saunders
  • Secretary: Victoria Baranow (University of Toronto iSchool)
  • Past Chair: Victoria Sigurdson (OCAD University)
  • Student Representative: Amy Weir (University of Toronto iSchool)
  •  Summary of Activities and Membership:

 Chair’s Report (Spring)

  • 2 executive meetings so far this year (January, April), many email discussions: fundraising brainstorming, panel discussion planning
  • Panel Discussion: March 16th, AGO Jackman Hall (thank you to Chapter member and AGO Chief Librarian, Karen McKenzie for arranging this for us), good turnout (approx. 85-87), lots of discussion, excellent publicity with allied arts groups and local artists. Panelists: Adam Lauder, the W.P. Scott Chair for Research in E-Librarianship at York University’s Scott Library; Amy Marshall Furness, the Special Collections Archivist at the E.P. Taylor Research Library and Archives of the AGO; Ian Carr-Harris, Artist and Professor at OCAD University; Eric Schwab, Manager of Digitization and Preservation at the Toronto Public Library, David Poolman, Artist and Professor at Sheridan, and Lisa Steele, Artist, Vtape Founder and the Visual Studies Graduate Program Director at the University of Toronto.
  • Sample of feedback: http://mondomagazine.net/2011/event-research-intersections-within-practice-artists-and-librarians/

Spring Meeting (approx. 16 attendees):

  • call to membership for nominations for Vice Chair position (still vacant from 2010 election in Ottawa)
  • thank you to Jill Patrick (Director of Library Services, OCAD University) for sponsoring lunch
  • Tour of Toronto Public Library’s Digitization Labs, Conservations Labs, Rare Books, Art Collection with Eric Schwab (Manager of Digitization & Preservation, Toronto Public Library)
  • Summer Fundraiser/Silent Auction June 17th cancelled: will call for volunteers to create new event or even web site
  • discussed the possibility of future collaborations and shared events with VRA Canada and there was general agreement on pursuing these types of opportunities
  • Travel award went to Margaret English (University of Toronto) who attended the Minneapolis conference as a co-chair on the Toronto conference planning committee
  • Chair, as Publicity Co-ordinator for the Toronto conference planning committee presented the Publicity Plan to ARLIS/NA Executive in June.

 Chair’s Report (Fall) 

  • 1 executive meeting since spring meeting (September), many email discussions to supplement: upcoming elections and promoting nominations, Fall meeting planning, conference planning, community building
  • 2 members went to the iSchool University of Toronto Clubs & Associations Day to represent the Chapter (Amy Weir and Margaret English), distributed conference bookmarks
  • Thank you to Pearl Santopinto, London Public Library) for her work on preliminary arrangements for meeting in London for conference planning reasons we decided to keep the fall meeting here, her program for a meeting in London will be excellent and we are considering hosting the spring Chapter meeting there.
  • Fall Meeting (approx. 25 attendees):  
  • elections were held for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary –Chair position remains vacant, Melissa Bruno (University of Toronto MIST candidate) was acclaimed to the position of Vice Chair, Victoria Baranow (University of Toronto MIST candidate) elected as Secretary
  • another thank you to Jill Patrick (Director of Library Services, OCAD University) for her generosity in sponsoring lunch a second time
  • Jill Patrick provided a detailed conference planning updates and also outlined conference volunteering opportunities
  • the group worked on a ‘Top of Toronto’ exercise to gather hospitality information for conference attendees
  • Jenny Strickland came all the way from Buffalo to foster communication and collaboration with the WNY Chapter, our co-hosts for the Toronto conference



  • Submitted by: Angela E. Weaver 

The NW Chapter held a virtual meeting on December 13, 2011, hosted by the University of Washington via Adobe Connect. 


Summary: We opened the fiscal year on Nov. 1, 2010 with $4,783.84 and closed onOctober 31, 2011 with a balance of $4,837.04 – an increase of $53.20. We had 21 members/affiliates in 2011 (18 members and 3 affiliates). We had nine fewer members this year (many were students) and a decrease in income as a result. No funds were required for Chapter Travel Award as it was a virtual meeting. (All funds are recorded here in US dollars.) 

Three motions related to Chapter budget were put forward during our Chapter Meeting

  • Increase donation to support ARLIS/NA conference to $150. (approved)
  • Increase funding for Chapter sponsored Travel Awards:
    • Chapter Meeting Travel Award increase to $200. (approved)
    • ARLIS/NA Conference Travel Award increase to $500. (approved)


  • $500. ARLIS/NA Conference Travel Award (Bailey Diers)
  • $100. Support for the ARLIS/NA 2011 conference in Minneapolis
  • In 2011, the Chapter awarded one $500 Travel Award to attend the joint ARLIS/NA VRA conference in Minneapolis in March 2011; the recipient was Bailey Diers. The NW Chapter awarded Dan McClure, Vice-Chair of the chapter the Travel Award for 2012 to attend the Annual Conference in Toronto.

Setting Chapter Priorities in 2012

In an effort to set Chapter priorities in the coming year, Angela Weaver proposed developing a survey to determine future needs of the Chapter. Key areas would include:

I. Member support and professional development

  • Events and programming
  • Partnerships with other organizations
  • Communication
  • Coordination

II. Student outreach

  • Learning Opportunities and Mentoring
  • Communication
  • Coordination

 III. Other issues as determined

It was decided to develop a local Chapter Working Group to initiate and evaluate a Chapter survey. The following members volunteered to oversee the survey process: Margaret Fast, Dan McClure, and Angela Weaver. The focus of the survey will be to determine which focus areas should be developed and how.

The topics outlined by Angela generated a lot of discussion. Student outreach was an area of interest to many members, especially the prospect of a Chapter Mentoring Program. Many members are willing to do outreach on their own campuses by, for example, handing out brochures about ARLIS and publicizing events. The following members volunteered to explore student outreach and mentoring: Suzanne Rackover, Vanessa Kam, Dan McClure, Alan Michelson, Margaret Fast, and Ksenia Cheinman.

Another lively topic of conversation was related to the proliferation of ebooks and their relevance in the art and design library setting. Several librarians described being frustrated by institutional mandates that give preference or require the purchases in ebook format. Chapter librarians are trying to determine how this requirement impacts collection development and access to material. Several issues were discussed:

  • Paper formats are still preferred in art/design/architecture disciplines
  • Visual quality of paper sources is far superior
  • Ebook selection is woefully lacking in art/design/architecture compared to other disciplines
  • Rarely does a student or faculty request an item in ebook format -- some are disappointed when it arrives as an ebook!
  • Local collection assessment is critical : how do people use our libraries? A library’s collection needs are locally determined and cannot be generalized by the needs of the host institution
  • Chapter members would benefit fro m more developed research on ebooks by discipline.

  Other news and points of discussion

  • Marilyn Nasserden proposed hosting a Chapter meeting at University of Calgary in August 2013. They have a new facility (Taylor Family Digital Library) and are near enough to The Banff Centre to coordinate activities between the two institutions. Marilyn and Suzanne Rackover will follow-up later in the year.
  • Alan Michelson is currently Secretary for ARLIS/NA Executive and attended the Board meeting in Houston, Texas.
  • Dan McClure of Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) announced that he is working on college materials to meet the new NWCCU accreditation standards, continuing development of the Mimi institutional repository and planning for a new/reuse building that will house a newly designed library, slated to open in 2013 or 2014.