List of nominated titles for the Melva J. Dwyer Award / Liste des publications en nomination pour le Prix Melva J. Dwyer.


Cover Art The Allied Arts: Architecture and Craft in Postwar Canada - Sandra Alfoldy ISBN: 0773540032 McGill-Queen's University Press: 2012-03-28 A groundbreaking exploration of the collaborations and tensions between architecture and craft. Considering a wide range of craftspeople, materials, and forms - from the ceramics of Jack Sures and Jordi Bonnet to the textile work of Mariette Rousseau Vermette and Carole Sabiston - Alfoldy celebrates the successes of architectural craftsmanship. The first work of its kind, The Allied Arts develops ideas about the complex relationship between architecture and craft that reach well beyond national boundaries.
Cover Art Canadian Folk Art To 1950 - John A. Fleming; Michael J. Rowan; James A. Chambers (Photographer) ISBN: 0888646305 University of Alberta Press: 2012-09-15 The authors’ discovery of distinctive objects from across Canada inspired them to re-classify folk art, and to analyze and interpret their examples in 17 thematic chapters. The “aesthetic of the everyday” of Canada’s material heritage is presented through paintings and carvings, quilts and rugs, tables and trade signs—just to mention a few. These traditional art forms of diverse community groups express a decorative cultural identity, documented through the unique lens of photographer James A. Chambers. Historians, curators, collectors, designers, and dealers, as well as anyone who appreciates material culture, will want to have this collection in their libraries.  
  Cover Art A Commerce of Taste: Church Architecture in Canada, 1867-1914 - Barry Magrill ISBN: 0773539832 McGill-Queen's University Press: 2012-04-24 In the late-nineteenth century the circulation of pattern books featuring medieval church architecture in England facilitated an unprecedented spread of Gothic revival churches in Canada. Engaging several themes around the spread of print culture, religion, and settlement, A Commerce of Taste details the business of church building. Drawing together the history of church building and the broader patterns of Canadian social and historical development, A Commerce of Taste presents an alternative perspective on the spread of religious monuments in Canada by looking squarely at pattern books as sources of social conflict around the issue of taste.
Cover Art Creation and Transformation: Defining Moments in Inuit Art - Ingo Hessel (Contribution by); Christine Lalonde (Contribution by); Susan Gustavison (Contribution by); Norman Vorano (Contribution by); Darlene Coward Wight (Contribution by) ISBN: 9781926812892 Douglas & McIntyre: 2013-03-12 The treasures of the world's largest public collection of Inuit art are revealed in this seminal history of art from the Arctic.  The collection of Inuit art held by the Winnipeg Art Gallery, one of Canada's most important public galleries, is extraordinary by any standard: its geographic range, diverse media and size have brought international renown to the collection of some 11,000 artworks. The wag celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2012-13 and this book, as well as a major exhibition in January 2013, will feature many of the gallery's treasures as it marks this important milestone.
Cover Art David Alexander: The Shape of Place - Liz Wylie ISBN: 0773540350 McGill-Queen's University Press: 2012-01-10 In Canada, it can be easy to consider landscape painting as cliché, an art form whose time has passed. David Alexander's vibrant, large-scale works show the wonder and possibility that remain undiminished in paintings of the natural environment and breathe new life into the landscape tradition. Gathering together six essays on Alexander, this book provides insight into Alexander's inspiration, creative drive, and the unique engagement with nature that has led him to seek out and paint remote locales across Canada and as far away as Greenland, Iceland, New Mexico, and Argentina. 
Cover Art Exploring Vancouver: The Architectural Guide - Harold Kalman; Robin Ward; John Roaf (Photographer); Mike Harcourt (Foreword by) ISBN: 9781553658665 Douglas & McIntyre: 2012-06-12 The only comprehensive handbook to Vancouver’s architecture—from the modest to the monumental. Divided into 14 distinct city areas, with a full-colour photo accompanying each entry, Exploring Vancouver is a perfect companion for both curious visitors and the many architectural enthusiasts who are proud to call this city home.
Cover Art Garry Neill Kennedy : Printed Matter / Imprimés, 1971– 2009 - Peter Trepanier ISBN: 0888849028 National Gallery of Canada: 2012-01-01 Produced in consultation with Garry Neill Kennedy, this publication includes printed matter designed by, or in collaboration with, the artist and incorporates formats such as books, pamphlets, leaflets, sheets, cards, pageworks, posters, and wallpaper. Each entry, arranged chronologically, includes a photograph of the item and a physical description with the title, date, format, binding (where applicable), printing method, pagination, dimensions, publisher, and place of publication. The entries are followed by descriptive notes, which provide more detail on production techniques, as well as valuable new information supplied by the artist. References to published material are listed at the end of each entry. The bibliography consists of a list of critical works on Kennedy, as well as articles relating to his role as president of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Cover Art IAIN BAXTER&: Works 1958–2011 - David Moos (Editor); Christophe Domino; Lucy R. Lippard; Iain Baxter; Art Gallery of Ontario Staff (Contribution by); Dennis W. Durham; Isabelle Hermann; Adam Lauder; Robert Wainstein; Alexander Alberro; Michael Darling ISBN: 9780864926463 Goose Lane Editions & AGO: 2012-02-04 An artist of unusual brilliance, IAIN BAXTER& has demonstrated a radically open creativity and questioned the role of art both as consumer commodity and as a medium for cultural commentary. This comprehensive book reviews Baxter&’s remarkable career in all forms of media, including conceptual art, photography, and installation art. It accompanies a major international touring exhibition, due to open at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in November 2011 and at the Art Gallery of Ontario in March 2012. Featuring more than 160 reproductions, it also includes essays by the exhibition co-curators David Moos and Michael Darling, and Alexander Aberro, Lucy Lippard, and others. It also incorporates a comprehensive bibliography compiled by Adam Lauder of York university.
Cover Art Napoléon Bourassa : la quête de l'idéal - Mario Béland ISBN: 9782551198795 Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec: Mai 2011 Architecte, peintre, sculpteur et écrivain, Napoléon Bourassa (1827-1916) a joué un rôle de premier plan dans la vie culturelle de son époque. Membre d'une famille qui a marqué l'histoire politique et intellectuelle du Québec - son beau-père est le célèbre patriote Louis-Joseph Papineau, et son fils, Henri Bourassa, le fondateur du Devoir -, Napoléon Bourassa est sans contredit l'un des artistes québécois les plus importants de la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle. Fruit d'une recherche approfondie, ce livre illustré de plus de 250 oeuvres d'art et documents d'archives rend compte des nombreuses facettes du fascinant parcours d'un artiste hors du commun.
Cover Art Rethinking Professionalism: Women and Art in Canada, 1850-1970 - Kristina Huneault; Janice Anderson ISBN: 0773539662 McGill-Queen's University Press: 2012-04-11 The first collection of scholarly essays on women and art in Canadian history. The history of women and art in Canada has often been celebrated as a story of progress from amateur to professional practice. Rethinking Professionalism challenges this narrative by questioning the assumptions that underlie the category of artistic professionalism, a construct as influential for artistic practice as it has been for art historical understanding. Through a series of in-depth studies, contributors examine changes to the infrastructure of the art world that resulted from a powerful discourse of professionalization that emerged in the late- nineteenth century.
Cover Art Seekers and Travellers: Contemporary Art of the Pacific Northwest Coast - Gary Wyatt ISBN: 0295992379 Douglas & McIntyre: 2012-09-03 In the tradition of the bestselling Spirit Faces and Mythic Beings comes a stunning new book of contemporary First Nations art. Featuring new works from 36 of the most acclaimed artists on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border -- among them Susan Point, Robert Davidson, Isabel Rorick, Jay Simeon, Preston Singletary and Dempsey Bob -- Seekers and Travellers covers a range of media, from glasswork to weaving, wood carving to metal jewelry.
Cover Art Selwyn Pullan: Photographing Mid-Century West Coast Modernism - Adele Weder (Contribution by); Barry Downs; Donald Luxton; Kiriko Watanabe (Contribution by); Selwyn Pullan ISBN: 9781553659471 Douglas & McIntyre: 2013-03-12 The stark beauty of an iconic architectural movement is captured in this rare collection of stunning images. As an emerging photographer in the 1950s and '60s, Selwyn Pullan played an important role in popularizing the new style of West Coast modernist architecture.
Cover Art Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965-1980 - Grant Arnold (Editor); Karen Henry (Editor); Co-Published By The Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Gallery Of Alberta, Justina M. Ba (Contribution by) ISBN: 9781895442885 Douglas & McIntyre: 2013-03-05 The first book to look extensively at conceptualism in Canada, published to accompany a touring exhibition. The most transformative art movement of the late 20th century, conceptual art became a global phenomenon long before it was popularized by a new generation of artists and institutions in the early 21st century. Its various manifestations in Canada, however, have remained a limited concern; a whispered art history circulated among artists and writers primarily in alternative publications and artist-run centres.
Cover Art Unbuilt Calgary: A History of the City That Might Have Been - Stephanie White ISBN: 9781459703308 Dundurn Press: 2012-11-27 Calgary is a typical boom-and-bust town that was first based on ranching and farming, then oil and gas, and now energy. And energy is what its citizens have, whether for skiing, work, or construction. It is a city that leaps ahead eagerly to new futures and rarely looks back., but Calgary can also be an unsentimental city, discarding its ideas, plans, and buildings with ease. Unbuilt Calgary is a survey of 30 projects that were proposed but not realized, schemes that were situated at critical times in Calgary's development, and proposals that indicated the city's ambitions through its first 100 years.
Cover Art Unbuilt Victoria - Dorothy Mindenhall ISBN: 9781459701748 Dundurn Press: 2012-06-05 For most people, resident and visitor alike, Victoria, British Columbia, is a time capsule of Victorian and Edwardian buildings. From a modest fur-trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company it grew to be the province's major trading centre. Then the selection of Vancouver as the terminus of the transcontinental railway in the 1880s, followed by a smallpox epidemic that closed the port in the 1890s, resulted in decline. Unbuilt Victoria examines some of the architectural plans that were proposed but rejected. That some of them were ever dreamed of will probably amaze, that others never made it might well be a matter of regret.