2000 Annual Report ARLIS/NA Canadian Representative


Submitted by Carole Goldsmith

wisdom@sfu.ca  TEL: 604-291-3268 / FAX: 604-291-3023

Executive Board Activities

Attended the Pre-and Post Conference Board Meetings at the annual conference in Pittsburgh.

Attended the Membership Committee meeting in Pittsburgh, as Board Liaison.

Wrote thank you letters to Pittsburgh conference chairs and various sponsors.

Attended the mid-year ARLIS/NA Executive Board Meeting in Toronto.

Acted as Board liaison to the Membership and Technology Committees. Worked with the Chair of the Membership Committee to redesign the membership application/renewal form.

Submitted a notice to Update regarding the lack of DSRT membership information in the latest edition of the Handbook.

Participated in all aspects of Board business throughout the year.

ARLIS/Canada Activities:

Attended the ARLIS/Canada Business meeting in Pittsburgh, chaired by the outgoing Canadian Representative, Marilyn Berger. Reports were given from the individual Canadian chapters. A decision was made to discontinue publication of the Canadian Art Libraries Newsletter. James Rout offered to host a website for ARLIS/Canada, which could incorporate parts of the newsletter.

ARLIS/Canada endorsed a new research project initiated by Jo Beglo, Bibliographyer at the National Gallery of Canada Library. In September, Ms. Beglo issued a call for papers for a proposed publication on the history of art libraries in Canada.

Wrote a letter to Melva Dwyer, acknowledging her hard work and dedication as editor of the CARLIS Newsletter for many years. Also wrote a letter to Cheryl Siegel, thanking her for her part in producing the newsletter for the past few years.

Wrote a report on ARLIS/Canada Chapter activities for the August issue of Update.

Wrote an article on the history of ARLIS/Canada for the November issue of the ARLIS UK & Ireland News-Sheet.

Met with Margaret English, ARLIS/NA Ontario Chair, after the mid-year ARLIS/NA Executive Board meeting in September. Toured the Toronto Reference Library and received an update on Ontario Chapter activities and plans for the future.

Prepared reports for the Ontario and Montreal/Ottawa Quebec Chapters annual fall meetings. Encouraged the Ontario members to consider proposing Toronto as a future conference site. I was not able to attend the meetings in person.

Appointed jury members for the 2000/2001 Melva Dwyer Award, which is given to an outstanding reference work on Canadian art and architecture. Posted a call for nominations for the Melva Dwyer Award on arlis-l and carlis-l. Mailed copies of the nominations form to all Canadian members of ARLIS/NA.

Supported two proposals for conference sessions at the ARLIS/NA 2001 conference in Los Angeles, on behalf of ARLIS/Canada. Unfortunately, neither proposal was accepted by the conference programming committee.

Encouraged Canadian members to apply for the David Mirvish Travel Award to support attendance at the 2001 conference in Los Angeles. Also encouraged chapters to contribute to the welcome party. Both ARLIS/Ontario and ARLIS/MOQ have donated funds for the Los Angeles conference.

Worked on plans for a proposed joint regional meeting in 2001 or 2002, in Banff, Alberta, co-sponsored by ARLIS/Canada and ARLIS/NA NW Chapter. ARLIS/Canada received special funding of $500 from ARLIS/NA to support the joint meeting. Cheryl Siegel (Vancouver Art Gallery) and James Rout (Banff Centre for the Arts) are the principal organizers.

Worked with James Rout to develop an official website for ARLIS/Canada at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta. The website provides links to ARLIS/NA and the individual Canadian Chapters, and provides a conduit for disseminating news and reports from Canadian members. The ARLIS/Canada website may be found at: <http://www.banffcentre.ab.ca/library/carlis>

Chapter Activities:

All three chapters within Canada developed new web sites over the past year. They may be found at:

ARLIS/MOQ: http://library.concordia.ca/arlismoq

ARLIS/NA NW Chapter: http://www.halcyon.com/hnear/arlisweb/

ARLIS/NA Ontario: http://www.fis.utoronto.ca/people/affiliated/arlisont/

ARLIS/Ontario, MOQ and NW Chapters all made donations to the Pittsburgh conference in 2000, although many of their members were not able to attend the annual conference.

ARLIS/NA Ontario Chapter met twice during the year. In the spring, members gathered at the venerable Arts & Letters Club in Toronto. The fall meeting was a two-day event held on the campus of the University of Toronto, in late October. This included a workshop on fundraising and working with a "Friends" group. The Ontario chapter inaugurated a new travel award, and was able to sponsor a member to attend the ARLIS/NA annual conference in Pittsburgh. Funds for the award were raised from an enterprising sale of art monographs to ARLIS/NA members. The Chapter generously donated a basket for the silent auction and $75 toward the welcome party at the Pittsburgh conference.

ARLIS/MOQ also met twice in 2000. The spring meeting was held in May at the Cinematheque Quebecoise in Montreal. Sylvie Roy and Cyndie Campbell, from the National Gallery of Canada Library, were presented with the 1999/2000 Dwyer award for their publication, Artists in Canada : a union list of artists' files/ Artistes au Canada: une liste collective des dossiers d'artistes. The fall meeting took place in November in Quebec City, and included guided tours of the Museum of Quebec, and the Museum of Civilisation. ARLIS/MOQ sponsored a travel award for a member to attend the Pittsburgh conference. The chapter also generously donated $100 toward the welcome party and a basket for the silent auction.

ARLIS/MOQ recently received $500 in funding from ARLIS/NA for the Vertical File Collections Project. The chapter intends to publish a report on the state of vertical file collections represented in MOQ, as well as a revised edition of the 1989 Directory of Vertical File Collections on Art & Architecture. The report and directory will be made public on the new chapter website.

ARLIS/NA NW Chapter officers met in Vancouver in the summer of 2000, to discuss future activities and strategies for attracting new members. The Chair, Cathy Donaldson, organised a picnic and tour of Pilchuk Glass studios in August. The Chapter plans to hold a membership meeting in Vancouver in 2001, and is working with ARLIS/Canada on the proposed regional meeting in Banff. The NW Chapter donated $100 toward the welcome party in Pittsburgh, and has committed $500 to support the Banff regional meeting. The NW Chapter would like to encourage participation from more members outside of the Vancouver/Seattle area. The proposed joint meeting with ARLIS/Canada members in Banff may attract greater interest from the membership at large.

NW Chapter members were saddened to learn of the loss of one their members. Peter Grewenow, slide curator in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Washington, passed away in December. Peter was co-chair of fundraising for the 1999 ARLIS/NA annual conference in Vancouver, and will be greatly missed by his friends and colleagues in ARLIS/NA and in VRA.

Issues for the Board

An ongoing concern for Canadian members is the considerable expense involved in attending the ARLIS/NA annual conference. The Canadian dollar continues to be at a significant disadvantage when it comes to travel and hotel accommodations in most cities in the U.S., and many members do not receive financial support from their institution.

ARLIS/NA provides financial support to the Canadian Representative to attend annual Board meetings, chapter meetings and the mid-year Board meeting, support which is greatly appreciated. However, without an additional financial commitment, either from one's home institution or from personal funds, it is not feasible for the Canadian Representative to attend meetings of the individual Canadian chapters, unless held relatively close to home.