2004 Annual Report ARLIS/Canada Chapter

Submitted by: Jonathan Franklin
telephone (613) 990 0590
fax (613) 990 6190

Incoming Chapter Officers 2005

Jonathan Franklin, Chair

Irene Puchalski, Past Chair

Cheryl Siegel, Secretary/Treasurer

Ilga Leja, Atlantic Region Representative

Mary Lochhead, Prairie Region Representative

Francesca Maniaci, ARLIS/MOQ (Montreal-Ottawa-Quebec) Chapter Representative

Hildegard Lindschinger, ARLIS/Ontario Chapter Representative

Cheryl Siegel, ARLIS/Northwest Chapter Representative

On Monday 19 April twenty-six Canadian members gathered for the annual business meeting at the ARLIS/NA Conference in New York. Irene Puchalski, outgoing Chair, presided before handing over to the new Chair, Jonathan  Franklin. Reports were heard from local Canadian chapters and regions.

The winners of the 2004 Melva J. Dwyer Award were Barbara Fischer, Fern Bayer and Blackwood Gallery at the University of Toronto at Mississauga for 'General Idea Editions: 1967-1995'. Edited by Barbara Fischer, curator of the retrospective exhibition of the same name, this generously-illustrated book documents the complete editions produced during the course of General Idea's collaboration, and provides commentaries by internationally respected artists and writers. The comprehensive catalogue raisonné includes entries of prototypes of uncompleted projects, a complete list of ephemera designed by General Idea, a list of film & video productions, and exhibition history and bibliography. Administered by Irene Puchalski, University of Toronto, the jury members for the 2004 award were: Jonathan Franklin, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; Mary Lochhead, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg; Daniel Payne, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto. Daniel Payne presented the award to Barbara Fischer and Fern Bayer at the 2004 ARLIS/NA convocation ceremony, which was held at the Museo del Barrio in New York.

Jury members for the 2005 Melva J. Dwyer Award were appointed in fall 2004. The jury members are: Paul Chénier, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, QC; Nicole Gjertsen, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC; Ilga Leja, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Halifax, NS. A first call for nominations for the 2005 Dwyer Award was posted in early November, and a second call in early December. The winner will be announced at the ARLIS/NA annual conference in Houston in 2005.

The ARLIS/Canada web site benefited from a major overhaul by webmaster James Rout.  This involved the re-design of the site to incorporate a web content management system which enables the Chair to update the site remotely. The site is now also bilingual in English and French for the first time.

The History of Art Libraries in Canada project has gathered a substantial amount of content under the editorship of Jo Beglo, but is still looking for funding to be completed.  The prospectus for the HAL project can be found at www.fis.utoronto.ca/people/affiliated/arlisont/Prospectus-HAL.pdf .

Canadian Representative and Chair of ARLIS/Canada Jonathan Franklin attended two meetings of ARLIS/MOQ, two of ARLIS/Ontario and one of ARLIS/NW; presented revisions to ARLIS/Canada bylaws for Board approval at mid-year meeting; submitted reports on ARLIS/Canada activities to Update; and liaised with the Banff members of the ARLIS/NW Chapter and the ARLIS/NA Executive Board with regard to the ARLIS/NA Conference in Banff in 2006.