2003 Annual Report ARLIS/Canada Chapter

Submitted by: Irene Puchalski, Chair


T 416-978-6787

F 416-971-2094


Incoming Chapter Officers 2004:

Jonathan Franklin, Chair


Irene Puchalski, Past Chair


Cheryl Siegel, Secretary/Treasurer


Ilga Leja, Atlantic Region Representative


Mary Lochhead, Prairie Region Representative


Francesca Maniaci, ARLIS/MOQ (Montreal-Ottawa-Quebec) Chapter Representative


Hildegard Lindschinger, ARLIS/Ontario Chapter Representative


Cheryl Siegel, ARLIS/Northwest Chapter Representative




ARLIS/Canada Activities:

Congratulations to ARLIS/NW! The Executive Board has accepted the invitation to hold the ARLIS/NA Conference in Banff in 2006. This will be a wonderful opportunity for members across Canada to pitch in and help out in whatever way we can.

James Rout at the Banff Centre for the Arts continues to host and maintain the ARLIS/Canada website (http://www.arliscanada.ca/) and carlis-l (carlis-l@banffcentre.ca). These are essential tools of communication for our national chapter.

On Friday, March 21, 2003 Canadian members gathered for their annual business meeting at the ARLIS/NA Conference in Baltimore. Irene Puchalski, current Chair, ARLIS/Canada presided. Reports were heard from local Canadian chapters and regions.

The winner of the 2003 Melva J. Dwyer Award was Centre d’information ARTEXTE Information Centre for their bilingual Directory of Publications on Canadian Contemporary Art/ Répertoire des publications en art contemporain canadien. Published since 1981 and still going strong, the contents are integrated with the Centre’s Bibliographic Database, and are accessible to all on the internet (www.artexte.ca), thereby meeting the needs of a wide range of researchers. This is the definitive tool for Canadian contemporary art documentation. The jury awarded a Special Mention to Fondation Daniel Langlois and Époxy Communications for the bilingual Digital Snow DVD-ROM, artist book and website. This is an encyclopedic compilation of the work of Canadian artist Michael Snow. Administered by Irene Puchalski, University of Toronto, the jury members for this year’s award were: Kathy Zimon, University of Calgary (retired); Melinda Reinhart, Concordia University, Montréal; Margaret English, University of Toronto. Marilyn Berger, McGill University, Montréal presented the award at the 2003 ARLIS/NA convocation ceremony, which was held at the Shriver Auditorium, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

Jury members for the 2004 Melva J. Dwyer Award were appointed in fall 2003. The jury members are: Jonathan Franklin, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; Mary Lochhead, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg; Daniel Payne, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto; Irene Puchalski, University of Toronto, Chair. A call for nominations for the 2004 Dwyer Award was posted on carlis-l in French and English, and on arlis-l in English in early November and again in early December. The winner will be announced at the ARLIS/NA annual conference in NYC in 2004.

Irene Puchalski submitted a report on ARLIS/Canada Chapter activities for the August 2003 issue of Update; attended and presented reports at the ARLIS/Ontario spring meeting in Waterloo and fall meeting in Toronto, the ARLIS/MOQ spring and fall meetings in Montreal; attended the mid-year Executive Board meeting in Philadelphia; on behalf of ARLIS/Canada wrote to the Director of Indexing Services at H.W. Wilson in support of having Artichoke indexed by Art Index; together with past ARLIS/Canada Chairs, began re-examination of ARLIS/Canada by-laws; and liaised with the Banff members of the ARLIS/NW Chapter and the ARLIS/NA Executive Board with regard to the ARLIS/NA Conference in Banff in 2006.


News from the Canadian Chapters and Regions:

For more detailed reports on the individual Canadian chapters see:

ARLIS/MOQ http://library.concordia.ca/arlismoq/

ARLIS/Ontario http://www.fis.utoronto.ca/people/affiliated/arlisont/

ARLIS/NW http://hnear.home.mindspring.com/arlisnw/

On May 23rd ARLIS/MOQ held their spring meeting at the Hotel Inter-Continental in Old Montreal. With a focus on ‘Art and Archives’, the meeting included a presentation on the Dominion Gallery archives, and an afternoon visit to the Archives of Montreal. The fall meeting on November 21st took place at Concordia University. Events included a presentation on the censorship of art and library materials in the United States, a presentation on the censored 1976 outdoor exhibition Corridart, and a tour of ‘Global Village: the 60’s’ at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

ARLIS/Ontario members gathered at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo on May 9th. Highlights included a presentation of the in-house image database used in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Waterloo, an art-historical view of art librarianship, a walking tour of historic houses in Waterloo, and concluded with a visit and lecture at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery. The ARLIS/Ontario fall meeting on October 17th commenced at the historic Arts & Letters Club, and was followed by an Art Deco afternoon at the newly restored Carlu. The afternoon concluded with a tour of Art Deco artifacts from the Victoria and Albert Museum, on display at the ROM. The year ended with a successful fund-raising Christmas social held at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.

ARLIS/Northwest gathered with the Mountain West and California Chapters for the ARLIS/NA Western Regional Conference in Portland, Oregon from July 31st- August 3rd. In addition to an interesting array of tours and presentations, a visit to the historic Timberline Lodge was a keynote event of the conference.