2003 Annual Report ARLIS/NA Canadian Representative

Submitted by: Irene Puchalski
T 416-978-6787
F 416-971-2094

Executive Board Activities:

Attended the ARLIS/NA annual conference in Baltimore, 20-26 March. Participated in the pre- and post-conference meetings in Baltimore. Attended annual business meetings of the Membership Committee and International Relations Committee.

Attended the mid-year ARLIS/NA Executive Board Meeting in Philadelphia, 26 & 27 August. Solicited issues for the Board from Canadian members, the International Relations Committee, and Membership Committee.

Liaised with Banff members of the ARLIS/NW Chapter and the Executive Board with regard to the ARLIS/NA Conference in Banff in 2006.

Participated in Executive Board e-mail discussions.

Served as Board liaison to the Membership Committee and International Relations Committee. Participated in e-mail discussions with these committees.

Served as Board liaison to ARLIS/MOQ, ARLIS/Ontario, and ARLIS/Northwest (also represented by the West Regional Representative). Attended local chapter meetings.

Served on Task Force on dues structure.

Committee Activities:

International Relations Committee
Susana Tejada, Chair

Attended the Committee’s business meeting in Baltimore. The IRC had extended an invitation to every international conference attendee to participate at its business meeting. Approximately 25 people attended. In addition, the IRC organized a successful group dinner for committee members and international conference attendees. Both venues allowed for a fruitful exchange of information.

The IRC-sponsored session ‘Nordic Expeditions: Exploring Art Information Resources for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden’ was well attended in Baltimore. Papers from this session were made available on the IRC website at: www.cam.org/~renata/irc_top.html

The Committee submitted two proposals for the 2004 New York Conference. Although the plenary session was accepted, the modest budget prevented the IRC from following through with its plenary proposal.

Membership Committee
Leslie Preston and Heather Topcik, Co-Chairs

Attended the Committee’s business meeting in Baltimore.
Both Leslie Preston and Heather Topcik stepped down as co-chairs in August, and Membership Committee members Kathryn Corcoran and Adeane Bregman graciously stepped in to complete the year.

In 2003 the Committee focused on the library school outreach project and also followed up on membership non-renewals. Both endeavors have yielded positive results for the association.

Chapter Activities:

Informed and encouraged all Canadian members to attend the upcoming national conference in New York, to support the conference by donating to the Welcome Party, and to join/renew their membership in ARLIS/NA. Encouraged members to apply for ARLIS/NA Travel Awards.

ARLIS/Canada Chapter
Irene Puchalski, Chair

Organized and chaired the ARLIS/NA Canada chapter business meeting in Baltimore on March 21st.

Posted the minutes of the ARLIS/Canada chapter business meeting on carlis-l. Minutes were taken by Marilyn Nasserden and translated into French by Paul Chénier.

Made personal contact with members of ARLIS/Ontario, ARLIS/MOQ, and ARLIS/Northwest chapters.

On behalf of ARLIS/Canada wrote to the Director of Indexing Services at H.W. Wilson in support of having Artichoke indexed by Art Index.

Submitted a report on ARLIS/Canada news for the August issue of Update.

Appointed the jury members for the 2004 Dwyer Award. Posted a call for nominations on carlis-l in French and English, and on arlis-l in English in early November and again in early December. Arranged for jurors to receive for review the nominated titles not in their libraries.

Francesca Maniaci and Ginette Bujold, Co-chairs

The chapter held two meetings in 2003. The experiment to have two members serve as co-chairs continues. Two members will also serve as co-chairs in 2004. There is no vice-chair. This year the number of members dropped from 57 to 46. This drop may be related to staff cuts at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

As Canadian Representative I attended both meetings and presented reports.

ARLIS/Ontario Chapter
Hildegard Lindschinger, Chair

The chapter held two meetings in 2003. A successful Christmas fundraiser/social was held at the Ontario College of Art and Design in December. Money raised is for the Travel Award. An important initiative this year was the inauguration of the ARLIS/NA Ontario newsletter in PDF format.

As Canadian Representative I attended both meetings and presented reports.

ARLIS/Northwest Chapter
Ed Teague, Chair

ARLIS/Northwest gathered with the Mountain West and California Chapters for the ARLIS/NA Western regional Conference in Portland, Oregon in July 2003. ARLIS/Northwest is also represented by the West Regional Representative, who was able to attend.