2001 Annual Report ARLIS/NA Canadian Representative

Submitted by Carole Goldsmith


TEL: 604-291-3268 / FAX: 604-291-3023

Executive Board Activities

Attended the ARLIS/NA annual conference in Los Angeles, March 29 - April 4. Participated in the Pre-and Post- Conference Board Meetings in Los Angeles. Attended meetings of the Membership and Travel Awards Committees, and other business meetings, as assigned.

Attended the mid-year ARLIS/NA Executive Board Meeting in New York, Aug. 11-13. Wrote a brief report on activities in preparation for the mid-year meeting. Participated in Executive Board online Blackboard and email discussions.

Acted as Board liaison to the Membership Committee. Advised the Committee on revisions to the membership application/renewal form, based on input from the Board. The Committee was concerned with the accuracy of the membership database and ARLIS/NA membership non-renewals. Non-renewal lists and "exit interview" questionnaires were distributed to the ARLIS/NA Regional Representatives, with the goal of contacting non-renewals in their region. This plan was put on hold due to errors in the membership database, but should be revisited in 2002.

Acted as Board liaison to the Travel Awards Committee. The Committee would like to find sponsorship for new awards. At the same time, the Committee is concerned with maintaining ongoing funding for existing awards.

ARLIS/Canada Activities:

Chaired the annual ARLIS/Canada Business meeting in Los Angeles. Reports were given by members from the individual Canadian chapters. Minutes were taken by Paul Chenier, who transcribed the minutes in English and French. Posted the minutes on carlis-l and the ARLIS/Canada website.

Submitted the Chapter annual report for 2000. Posted a news update on carlis-l in May 2001. Prepared a report on ARLIS/Canada Chapter activities for the June 2001 issue of Update.

Provided Jonathan Franklin with missing text for the ARLIS/NA Canadian Representative duties for the ARLIS/NA website. Prepared electronic versions of the ARLIS/Canada by-laws for posting on the ARLIS/NA and ARLIS/Canada websites. Daphne Dufresne assisted with the French version of the bylaws. Paul Chénier provided French translations of the ARLIS/NA Canadian Representative and ARLIS/Canada Chapter annual reports for 2000.

Attended ARLIS/NA Ontario Chapter spring meeting in London, Ontario. Attended ARLIS/NA NW Chapter spring and fall meetings in Vancouver. Prepared reports for the ARLIS/MOQ and NW Chapter annual fall meetings. Served on the NW Chapter By-laws Committee. Presented revised NW Chapter bylaws to ARLIS/NA Executive Board for approval.

Prepared a press release for the 2000/01 Melva J. Dwyer Award, given annually to an outstanding Canadian reference or research publication. The winner was Kathy Zimon for her publication, Alberta Society of Artists: the first seventy years, University of Calgary Press, 2000. The award was presented by Cheryl Siegel at the 2001 ARLIS/NA annual conference in Los Angeles. Updated the Melva J. Dwyer award guidelines and information on the ARLIS/NA website.

Appointed the jury members for the 2002 Dwyer Award. Posted a call for nominations on arlis-l and carlis-l and mailed print copies of the nomination form to all current Canadian members of ARLIS/NA. Mailing labels were obtained from headquarters.

Discussed designs for a Dwyer Award book sticker and certificate with Elizabeth Clarke, ARLIS/NA Executive Director. The last remaining artist’s print was awarded at the Los Angeles conference in 2001. The design is similar to a new design for the Wittenborn Award.

Encouraged Canadian members to attend the ARLIS/NA annual conferences in Los Angeles and St Louis, and to support the conferences by donating to the welcome parties and silent auction events. Also encouraged members to apply for travel awards. Funding to attend the annual conference continues to be a concern for our members.

Wrote letters of support for staff involved in the National Gallery of Canada strike. Participated in planning for the joint regional meeting of ARLIS/Canada and ARLIS NW Chapter, to take place from May 31-June 2, in Banff, Alberta.

Attended the 'History of the Book in Canada' conference Nov. 15-17 in Vancouver. Two of our members (Jo Beglo and Randall Speller) presented papers at the conference. Met with Jo Beglo, National Gallery of Canada, and other ARLIS/Canada members. Discussed Beglo's projected publication on the History of Art Librarianship in Canada.

Two Canadian members received research awards and appointments from ARLIS/NA in 2001. Jonathan Franklin, National Gallery of Canada, received the H.W. Wilson Foundation Research Award for a bibliographical study of art auction catalogues. Kathy Zimon received a Worldwide Books Publication Award, for her publication, Alberta Society of Artists, the first seventy years. Jonathan Franklin was also appointed as ARLIS/NA web editor. Kathy Zimon was appointed as co-editor of Art Documentation.

Chapter Activities:

Information on ARLIS/Canada and the individual Canadian chapters can be found on the ARLIS/Canada homepage at: http://www.banffcentre.ca/library/carlis/

All of the Canadian chapters generously contributed to either the welcome party and/or the silent auction in Los Angeles. ARLIS Ontario and ARLIS/MOQ also donated funds for the welcome party in St. Louis.

ARLIS/NA Ontario Chapter spring meeting was held May 25 in London, Ontario, at the London Public Library and the University of Western Ontario. Mary Kandiuk (York University) received the chapter travel award to attend the conference in Los Angeles. The fall meeting took place at the White Mountain Academy of the Arts at Elliot Lake, Sept. 28-30.

ARLIS/MOQ held their spring meeting on May 11 at the Cirque du Soleil site in Montreal. The fall meeting took place at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, on Nov. 16. The Chapter offers three professional development awards: an award to attend the ARLIS/NA annual conference, a membership award, and a new award for travel to a conference other than the annual conference. Jonathan Franklin received an award to attend the 2001 ARLIS/NA annual conference in Los Angeles. The Chapter is working on a project to update the Directory of Vertical Files on Art and Architecture / Repertoire des dossiers documentaires en art et architecture.

ARLIS/NA NW Chapter met at the Vancouver Art Gallery on May 4. The annual fall meeting was held Dec. 1 at the University of British Columbia. Members approved revisions to the Chapter by-laws in fall 2001. The Banff Meeting Planning Committee worked on plans for the joint regional meeting with ARLIS/Canada in Banff, Alberta. Information about the regional meeting in Banff can be found at http://www.banffcentre.ab.ca/library/carlis/banff/conf_info.asp